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Terms and Conditions is a hub for ideas, debate and resources on progress toward international development goals – starting with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The past two decades have delivered unprecedented progress and improvements in quality of life across the developing world. While not ignoring the continuing challenges, focusing on achievements – measuring, understanding and communicating them - helps defy the narrative of pessimism that often shapes popular perceptions of development and provide a basis for cross-country learning and benchmarking.

The site aims to provide information and analysis for anyone interested in progress in development (including policy-makers, researchers, practitioners, and the wider general public) within the context of international goals and targets. The site pools content in a variety of formats: reports and publications, opinion and blogs, audiovisual tools, and data, tables and infographics. We aim to collect and curate the best examples, case studies and analyses of progress towards international development goals from across the web – increasing their visibility and providing audiences with a one-stop-shop for their informational needs.

We welcome and encourage readers to contribute to the debate by using the Suggest a Source link if you have resources to share or a blog to contribute. When submitting a resource for promotion on the site please bear in mind the following:

- Sources go back no more than 20 years, which coincides with the measurement timeline for the MDGs;
- The hub compiles stories, analyses and evidence of what has worked in development efforts, but we do not promote or endorse specific organisations or projects.

Conversation on the MDGs is extensive and ongoing and is already shifting toward the post-2015 goals. The site is still a work in progress in regards to the MDGs, with plans to add additional content linked to the post-2015 framework once those are set.  We ask for your patience if you do not find what you are looking for. Please do help us populate the site by suggesting resources and submitting content – we would love to hear from you!

This site is facilitated by ODI. All content features the authors’ views and do not represent the views of ODI.