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Human Development Report: a glass half full

Susan Nicolai
14 March 2013
'Today’s report is another reminder that the world isn’t changing – it has already changed, and in many places for the better... more than 40 developing countries have outpaced expected gains in human development in recent decades.'
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Addressing the jobs challenge

Dr. Rizwanul Islam
8 November 2012

'We cannot aim for growth in output alone and assume that jobs will follow suit.'

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A local man enjoys a watermelon, Sichuan Province, China -  John Isaac/ UN (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Why I’m not happy with a happiness index

Emma Samman
1 August 2012

"Measures of happiness and satisfaction have clear intuitive appeal. However, any notion of using them to construct a ‘happiness index’ is misguided."

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