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What is political voice, why does it matter, and how can it bring about change?

What political voice is and why and how it matters – and for whom – has emerged as a central area of interest and engagement in international development. Several of the mechanisms and tools of citizen engagement and participation touched upon I this blog will be explored in this series on political voice as part of the Development Progress project. Blogs and other activities will capture insights on the media and its role in promoting accountability, on forthcoming elections in Afghanistan and India, on protests that have emerged worldwide, on the emergence of Arab think tanks women’s empowerment and on transparency and accountability initiatives, among other topics, as we explore some of the many facets of political voice. And as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions on this critical issue.

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Of media, elections and polarisation

March 2014
James Deane
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BBC Media Action's James Deane explains why donors should place a higher priority on understanding the role of media and embedding support strategies that maximise the media’s positive role and diminish its negative impact.

How do people make their voices heard? A visual narrative

March 2014
Alina Rocha Menocal with Craig Valters and Chris Little
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The landscape of political voice is extraordinarily diverse and complex, with people everywhere grabbing opportunities to express their views in a multitude of ways to influence policy and decision-making processes. These infographics highlight some examples of voice and engagement that have particular resonance today.

Governance, Accountability and Citizen Empowerment Workshop

June 2014
Alina Rocha Menocal
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This presentation entitled 'The "Good Governance" Agenda and its Discontents: Implications for Political Voice' by Alina Rocha Menocal was given at the Governance, Accountability and Citizen Empowerment Workshop for the opening session on Bringing Politics Back In. The Workshop took place in Dublin, organised by the University of Limerick, DSA Ireland, and Christian Aid as well as others.