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Girl in Juba- Mackenzie Knowles Coursin for Oxfam

Our ambitious goals require a new model of development

J Alexander Thier
10 July 2014

Continuing our financing progress blog series, USAID's Alex Thier blogs on the Power Africa initiative, which sets out to bring electricity to those without it on the continent, using it as an example of a development model that brings together 'accountable local ownership, innovation and an intense focus on results' alongside a fresh approach to financing and partnerships.

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Planting crops in Kenya - World Bank photo collection (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

My cry for equitable quality in our Kenyan secondary schools

John Kabutha Mugo
9 July 2014

In conjunction with the Development Progress case study examining post-primary education in Kenya, John Mugo reflects on his own personal experience of secondary education in Kenya and the the sharp divide in quality between the various categories of secondary schools that still persists.

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 Two boys race their horses in Zamaar Soum - Taylor Weidman for ODI

PHOTOS: Nomadic education in Mongolia

Taylor Weidman
22 August 2014

Photographer Taylor Weidman takes a look at nomadic education in Mongolia, giving a glimpse behind the story of our case study on Mongolia's progress in secondary education.

Film and Animation

What drives national progress in education?

Our new animation looks at what has driven national progress in education in Kenya, Indonesia, Chile and Mongolia - how has progress been made, what challenges remain and what lessons can we learn?

Film and Animation
Okwach Abagi talks to Development Progress (video still)

Interview with Okwach Abagi on education in Kenya

'Children are getting into school, staying longer in school, and they are transiting from primary to secondary' -  Okwach Abagi, Director, OWN and Associates, Kenya, talks to the Development Progress project about education progress in Kenya.


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