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Kani-Kombole weekly market - Alexandre Baron, Creative Commons Licensed via Flickr

ODI parliamentary reception on the SDGs

13 October 2015
House of Commons, Palace of Westminster
Following the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, ODI bought together representatives from all major parties to consider next steps for the UK.
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Address ethnic discrimination to 'leave no one behind'

Amanda Lenhardt
22 September 2015

Ethnic divisions are often thought of in the context of conflict or violence - but this misses the scale of the problem as ethnic discrimination lies at the root of many forms of disadvantage and inequality.

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Bent Sea Rod Bleaching - Kelsey Roberts/USGS - Creative Commons Licensed via Flickr

Reefs at risk: why our current approach won't work

Thomas Aedy
8 October 2015

Recent ODI research projects that by 2030 as much as 90% of the world’s reefs will be at risk of coral bleaching. This blog explores the causes and why our current approach to the issue won't work.

Thomas Aedy

Thomas Aedy

Tom is currently completing a Masters at the London School of Economics in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies and has recently returned from field work in Ethiopia. He is one of the authors of ODI’s flagship report ‘Projecting Progress: reaching the SDGs by 2030’

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Still image from the 'Leave No One Behind' film

Eldis: The SDGs must leave no one behind

Tanvi Bhatkal
8 October 2015

Many of the poorest and most marginalised groups have not benefitted enough from progress on the Millennium Development Goals. 


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Mali - Curt Carnemark / World Bank, Creative Commons licensed via Flickr

IRF2015: Can the SDGs be achieved by 2030?

Tom Berliner
8 October 2015

ODI has projected how the world is likely to do on all 17 SDGs, based on current trends. While performance across the goals and in each region is likely to vary widely, current global performance is leading us towards failure on all the SDGs come 2030.


Can the SDGs be achieved by 2030?

This podcast is a recording of the Australian launch of our flagship report, Projecting progress: reaching the SDGs by 2030
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The Global Goals

DevPolicy: Can the SDGs be achieved by 2030?

Chris Hoy
24 September 2015

World leaders are meeting to agree the Sustainable Development Goals that will replace the the Millennium Development Goals and shape the next 15 years of international development. But how much change is required to achieve the ambitious SDG agenda by 2030? Which goals are most off-track and will need to be prioritised? And what are the particular challenges that will face different regions?

With the commencement of the Sustainable Development Goals, it is vital that efforts are made to incorporate the 'leave no one behind' agenda from day one. Our new short film compliments our recent research on what it will take to achieve the SDGs.


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