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Novella Bottini

Novella Bottini

Novella Bottini is an Econometrician in the Prosperity Index team at the Legatum Institute.

Carmen Carmona

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Development & Climate Days 2014: day two round-up

Catch up with the delegates at the second day of the 2014 Development & Climate Days with the highlights from interviews, scenes from the day at the conference, and reflections on what the two days accomplished.

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Tara Shine on #zerozero - 'fully compatible strategies'

Tara Shine, Head of Policy and Research at the Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice, tells us at D&C Days 2014 that working towards zero poverty and zero emissions are 'fully compatible strategies'.

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Red Cross volunteers at #zerozero 'feel very inspired'

We talked to Red Cross volunteers about their experiences at D&C Days 2014. One told us that she felt 'very inspired' and that the goal of zero poverty and zero emissions within a generation could be accomplished if the right steps are taken.

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Neil Leary on #zerozero - 'start taking that first step'

Neil Leary, Director of the Center for Sustainability Education at Dickinson College, talks to us at D&C Days 2014 and tells us that right now, the most important thing is that we 'start taking that first step - we don't have to have the solution...just start moving in that direction'.


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