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Women at a community meeting in Sierra Leone - Bill Megalos (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

The importance of data for fighting poverty in Sierra Leone

Nat Wellington
30 October 2015

Following the launch of our case studies on extreme poverty, Nat Wellington writes on the importance of data for poverty reduction, particularly in the case of Sierra Leone. He argues that improvements are needed in disaggregation, gender considerations and frequency of collection.

Collecting water in Benin – Arne Hoel for the World Bank (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Our new paper explores intersecting inequalities in human development, looking at to what extent wealth status, urban/rural place of residence and ethnicity – and overlaps between them – explain inequalities in education and health.

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Boy in Talimoro township, Lesotho - Asian Development Bank (Creative Commons Licensed via Flickr)

Five myths about poverty, growth and inequality

Chris Hoy
21 October 2015

Pro-poor growth policy has been increasingly favoured by development professionals as a method to tackle extreme poverty. But despite the Sustainable Development Goals and the World Bank adopting targets that aim to promote growth for the bottom 40%, myths around the policy remain. 

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Plucking green chillies (Visual News Associates/World Bank via Flickr)

Why is progress on poverty reduction in Pakistan so contested?

Amina Khan
21 October 2015

Pakistan appears to have reduced poverty substantially, but its story of progress is surprisingly inconclusive. In this blog, ODI Research Officer Amina Khan explores the doubts raised in Pakistan over the stated reduction in poverty and why some claim the official figures are misleading.

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Woman smiling among crops – Russell Watkins/DFID (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

No, Deaton’s Nobel prize win isn’t a victory for aid sceptics

16 October 2015

Writing for BOND, Tom Berliner takes aim at those claiming the awarding of the Nobel prize in economics to Angus Deaton as a victory for aid sceptics, arguing that they misunderstand Deaton's nuanced position on aid. He looks to draw out Deaton's actual positions on aid and argues that he is more of an aid critic than an aid sceptic.

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Celbration of womens rights – Universidad de Antioqula (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Colombia’s women, tried by war, find new power

Alina Rocha Menocal and Pilar Domingo
16 October 2015

In this blog for Foreign Policy, Alina Rocha Menocal and Pilar Domingo write about how women's experience of Colombia's five decades of war led them to find a new political voice.

Transport in Lahore – Asian Development Bank (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Our two new case studies explore how to reduce extreme poverty. Read about Ecuador's progress outpacing regional neigbours and the contensted nature of poverty statistics in Pakistan.

Kani-Kombole weekly market - Alexandre Baron, Creative Commons Licensed via Flickr

ODI parliamentary reception on the SDGs

13 October 2015
House of Commons, Palace of Westminster
Following the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, ODI bought together representatives from all major parties to consider next steps for the UK.
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Black lives matter protesters in New York - The All-Nite Images, Creative Commons Licensed via Flickr

Address ethnic discrimination to 'leave no one behind'

Amanda Lenhardt
22 September 2015

Ethnic divisions are often thought of in the context of conflict or violence - but this misses the scale of the problem as ethnic discrimination lies at the root of many forms of disadvantage and inequality.


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