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Cartagena Data Festival attendees

Welcome to the data revolution

Claire Melamed
1 May 2015

Claire Melamed, ODI's Director of Poverty and Inequality, writes on the success of the Cartagena Data Festival in bringing together governments, companies and NGOs for a conversation about the data revolution and using data to improve people's lives.

Commuters in Kolkata – Kibae Park for UN Photo (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Urban futures: making cities work for people

12 June 2015
ODI, London
This day-long event featured highly interactive presentations, discussions and informal networking opportunities with key thinkers on urban issues.
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To end poverty by 2030, we need to target the poorest

A new ODI report argues that we cannot eradicate extreme poverty by 2030 if we stick to 'business as usual'. In this video, report author Romilly Greenhill explains the policies needed to lift people out of poverty - and how governments can fund them.

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Interviews at the Cartagena Data Festival

We invited some of the attendees at the Cartagena Data Festival to give us their thoughts on how their organisations use data, what the future holds, and what they enjoyed most at the festival.

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Photo by William Vest-Lillesøe (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Uganda's work in progress

Laura Rodriguez-Takeuchi
22 April 2015

Laura Rodriguez, author of our recent case study on employment in Uganda, writes for USAID's Market Systems blog on the progress Uganda has made in providing productive employment for its citizens.

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Participatory climate-service and information training in Tanzania – Celia Schubert for CCAFS (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

A data revolution for citizens: empowerment for progress

Elizabeth Stuart
22 April 2015

What could the data revolution mean for citizens? Lead author of our new report on data for development, Elizabeth Stuart, argues that it could radically change the power dynamics between people, governments and the private sector.


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