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The 2013 World Development Report on Jobs: An elephant in the room?

Rolph van der Hoeven
16 November 2012

'The fact that major international organisations and national policy-makers have failed to take strong measures to revert or counteract the trend of financial globalisation should not be an excuse for the WDR to ignore the strong influence of financial globalisation on jobs.'

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Addressing the jobs challenge

Dr. Rizwanul Islam
8 November 2012

'We cannot aim for growth in output alone and assume that jobs will follow suit.'

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Female farmer in Central Ethiopia - Gates Foundation (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

The measurement revolution

Jonathan Tanner
24 October 2012

'Progress may appear on the national balance sheet, but it rarely materialises as much- needed cash for cash-strapped pockets. So if we don’t just measure the money, what else should we measure?'


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