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Joël Ouedraogo - video still

Joël Ouedraogo on sustainable agriculture in Burkina Faso

Joël Ouedraogo from the Fédération Nationale des Groupements Naam (FNGN), a farmers' union with more than 5000 village groups in Burkina Faso, talks to us about sustainable agriculture and improving food security in the West African country.

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Medication - World Bank (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Changing the story for neglected tropical diseases

Zoe Smith
8 September 2014

Zoe Smith blogs on the BMJ on the drivers of progress in tackiling Neglected Tropical Diseases in Sierra Leone and follows the country's intriguing story of change.

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Students at a rural high school in Colombia - Charlotte Kesl  for the World Bank (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Youth matters: invest in young people to build a better future

Kinza, Jake and Leon Ward
27 August 2014

Putting young people at the heart of the post-2015 agenda is critical to ensuring that goals are translated into action, say representatives from global child-rights charity Plan UK. This blog offers perspectives from members of Plan’s youth advisory panel and Leon Ward, a trustee of the charity and UK Young Ambassador to the Commonwealth.

Farmers near Sapa, Viet Nam - Kibae Park for UN Photo (Creative Commons licensed)

Tackling trade-offs in the food-water-energy nexus: lessons for the SDGs

11 September 2014
ODI, London
This event examined how certain developing countries have tackled the trade-offs inherent within the food-water-energy nexus, balancing environmental concerns with the need for development, and it will reflect on the importance of integrating across sectors for the implementation of the SDGs.


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