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ICS volunteers in Rwanda- Matthew Thompson

How volunteers can help shape development

Brian Rockliffe
18 August 2014

Brian Rockliffe takes a look at the experience of youth volunteers with the International Citizen Service, and how programmes such as this give young people the opportunity and means to contribute to the future of development.

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Students take a computer course in Cambodia- World Bank collection (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Cross-sector collaboration: the key to unlocking youth potential

Claudia Pompa
13 August 2014

This youth priorities blog by ODI's Claudia Pompa examines the high rates of youth unemployment alongside the shortage in the private sector of skilled workers, and promotes cross-sector collaboration as a solution to this critical problem.

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Young people campaigning- Restless Development

Turning young dreams of sustainable development post-2015 into reality

Tabitha Ha
13 August 2014

In the second youth priorities blog of the series, Tabitha Ha discusses how young people must be included in planning and delivering the post-2015 framework, particularly by seeing governance structures where young people are included in the decision-making processes.

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Female students from the University of Laos- World Bank photo collection (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Youth and inequality in post-2015 development

Tanvi Bhatkal
12 August 2014

In the first of our youth priorities for post-2015 series to mark International Youth Day, Tanvi Bhatkal explores the latest findings on development priorities for young people analysing findings from the UN's MY World survey.

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Girls attend morning assembly at a school in Sanaa- World Bank (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Youth priorities for post-2015

To mark International Youth Day on August 12, this mini blog series looks at what development issues young people prioritise in contrast to adults, and particularly how we can incorporate young people's perspectives and priorities in the post-2015 agenda.

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Sifting peas, Harar Ethiopia - Rod Waddington website

Who is going to pay for international development?

Jonathan Glennie
30 July 2014

Jonathan Glennie argues that the world does not need another list of financial problems and solutions - it needs a list of priorities. In advance of the recently announced 2015 Financing for Development conference, he suggests how we might go about agreeing on some.


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