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A local child plays with his kite atop Smoky Mountains- Asian Development Bank (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

New measures, new insights: the 2014 Human Development Report

Stephan Klasen
23 July 2014

Stephan Klasen takes a look at what's new in the 2014 Human Development Report and notes the main themes of falling global inequality, a new gender measure and high but falling levels of multidimensional poverty.

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Children at Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - Ness Kerton AusAid (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Time to prioritise teacher numbers and teaching quality

Purna Kumar Shrestha
22 July 2014

In 2012, 58 million children of primary school age were out of school – but are those in school getting the education they need? For our national progress in education blog series, Purna Kumar Shrestha looks at the lack of quality in teaching and consequent poor results of those children who have spent years in education, and the lessons we can learn from VSO and the Department of Education's work in Papua New Guinea in improving access to qualified and motivated teachers.

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A boy sells bread in Kyrgyz Republic- Nick Van Praag the World Bank (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Partnerships to finance the post-2015 development agenda

Mahmoud Mohieldin
17 July 2014

The World Bank Group's Mahmoud Mohieldin writes on what is important to focus on as 2015 approaches. He identifies global implementation partnerships, national level strategies and more as being crucial to achieving successful financing for the post-2015 agenda.

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Afghan women voting- USAID (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Why the women’s vote matters in Afghanistan’s election

Anna Larson
17 July 2014

Wtih preliminary results in for Afghanistan's presidential election, Anna Larson looks at the significance of women's votes to the count, the prospects for women's empowerment post-election and whether women in Afghanistan can expect real progress to match the rhetoric.


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