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National progress in education

As part of our education case study launch, we've asked a number of experts to consider what we have learned about education progress – in some cases globally and in others from a country perspective –  and to highlight the biggest victories, trade-offs, and lessons as we move toward a new set of post-2015 goals.

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Students in a classroom- World Bank photo collection (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

An education finance target post-2015? Yes, but with caveats

Annalisa Prizzon
26 June 2014

In the latest blog in our education series, Annalisa Prizzon welcomes the targets on education financing in the post-2015 framework. But are the proposed targets the most appropriate? And what are we missing by focusing on financing targets? 


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The elephant in the room: Will more money get more kids learning?

Susan Nicolai
26 June 2014

In this blog, Susan Nicolai argues that there's an elephant in the room at the Global Partnership for Education meeting in Brussels this week: Will more money actually get 57 million children who are out of school back into the classroom? And will pledges mean a better quality education for the 250 million children who are still not learning to a minimum standard?

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Domestic resources and better governance

Tom Fry and Salome Zuriel
19 June 2014

How can the post-2015 development finance agenda deliver for citizens in developing countries? Tom Fry and Salome Zuriel write for our financing progress series about domestic resource mobilisation in Africa, looking at how it is becoming a priority for African governments and the ways in which it can make a strong contribution to meeting the needs and matching the priorities of African citizens.

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Group of Indian women- World Bank photo collection (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Moving beyond ‘visibility’ on sexual violence

Pilar Dimingo
17 June 2014

Long-overdue media space for the truth about conflict-related sexual violence was generated by the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence, but Pilar Domingo argues that whilst this is a good thing, wider awareness itself doesn't make the difference needed. In this blog, she sets out what the summit achieved, and what else needs to be done to match the rhetoric.


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