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Ghana stock exchange - World Bank (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Audioblog: Ask the experts – how can the international financial architecture work for development?

Leah Worrall
6 February 2014

Following an event at the Overseas Development Institue (ODI) to discuss how the international financial architecture can be made to work for development, ODI's Leah Worrall talked to some of the experts about what actions can help promote policy coherence in this architecture and how this can be used to improve the lives of those in the poorest and most vulnerable countries.

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Shanty town, Ica - Graeme Law (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Urban quality of life – concepts and measurements

Gora Mboup
6 February 2014

Grounding his argument in a holistic and multidimensional conception of quality of life, Gora Mboup argues in this blog that post-2015 targets on urban areas must look to measure environment and infrastructure. He discusses the implications of this approach, especially in terms of how we should measure progress on such targets.

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Flooded rice field - World Bank (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Can private sector finance support adaptation?

Saleemul Huq and Barry Smith
4 February 2014

The ideal split between public and private sources of climate finance has been left deliberately ambiguous in the major meetings on the subject. In this blog, Saleemul Huq and Barry Smith argue that the promised $100bn should all come from public funds, rather than split with the private sector, and suggest how governance arrangements could be made most effective and legitimate.

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Fishermen, Gaza - UN (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Development finance: Can it advance local ownership?

Nora Lester Murad
29 January 2014

How can international development finance support localised development? Taking Palestine as an example, this blog looks at the ways in which local communities can take control of their own development, including through means such as community foundations. It also looks at the obstacles to local communities empowering themselves through development.

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Nairobi slum resident - Gates Foundation (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Measuring urban quality of life – can we do better?

Judy Baker
28 January 2014

The World Bank's Judy Baker believes we can do better on urban poverty if we tackle several key problems and take on board four guiding principles as approach the post-2015 era: standardisation, investing in systematic data collection, ensuring open access and promoting information-based planning.

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Woman farmer- Gates Foundation (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Private development assistance: a glimpse of the landscape

Sarah Hénon
27 January 2014

Do assertions that ‘philanthropic giving across borders’ is now a major player in development financing really stand up to scrutiny? Development Initiatives’ Sarah Hénon takes a look at the evidence in the first blog of the second set in our financing progress series.

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Informal settlement- Dandandanryan (Creative Commons license via Flickr)

Better measures for urban quality of life: the view from below

Sheela Patel
23 January 2014

It's easy to be aware of the global discourse on urban quality of life, but what about the views of those living in urban contexts? This contribution to our blog series on measuring urban poverty argues that it is essential to hear those views and act on them, bringing the voices of the poor into the measurement process.

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Statue of Atlas- Lightmatter (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Development myths – ODI’s take on the Gates letter

Claire Melamed
22 January 2014

​What are your greatest myths of development? The Gates Foundation annual letter from Bill and Melinda offered their top three (poor countries are doomed to stay poor; aid is a big waste; saving lives leads to overpopulation). It also got us at ODI thinking - what would we add to the list? Claire Melamed's blog outlines 15 other myths ODI researchers would like to bust, permanently - including some on development and aid, emergencies, climate change, governments and agriculture.

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Urban Cairo- Tadamun the Cairo Urban Solidarity Initiative (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Shelter and the Millennium Development Goals

Alan Gilbert
20 January 2014

Should we keep shelter on the agenda in future development goals? This blog argues that there are compelling reasons to shift from a direct focus on shelter to other, more specific goals based around infrastructure and services.


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