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Vietnamese refugees in aftermath of war - United Nations (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Two Goals for Fighting Poverty

Martin Ravallion
10 May 2013

'I would suggest we think about monitoring two poverty goals going forward: absolute poverty by the $1.25 a day standard and relative poverty by the standards typical of the country one lives in...'

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Prioritizing healthcare for India's rural poor- Gates Foundation (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

What’s driving the quiet revolution in basic healthcare?

Romina Rodríguez Pose
1 May 2013

'Health is a key component of ODI’s Development Progress project, enabling us to reflect on how far we have come in addressing basic health issues around the world and uncover hidden stories of progress.'

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Human Development Report: a glass half full

Susan Nicolai
14 March 2013
'Today’s report is another reminder that the world isn’t changing – it has already changed, and in many places for the better... more than 40 developing countries have outpaced expected gains in human development in recent decades.'
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It’s not only about the goals

Laura K. Rodriguez-Takeuchi
6 February 2013
'Although in some areas there are still considerable gaps, overall the availability of data and, more importantly, the awareness that these data need to be used, have grown. It is important to use this potential this time around to get the metrics right.'
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Employment in the spotlight: too hot to handle?

Pedro Martins
21 December 2012
'Employment has become a burning issue in policy circles since the late 2000s... but it continues to come as an afterthought in economic strategies. A more comprehensive (people-centred) approach is urgently needed.'
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Migration: another piece in the jobs puzzle

Paula Lucci
29 November 2012
'The jobs challenge does not end at home. The movement of people connects and affects different labour markets... It is time we consider migration as another piece in the jobs puzzle.'
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The 2013 World Development Report on Jobs: An elephant in the room?

Rolph van der Hoeven
16 November 2012

'The fact that major international organisations and national policy-makers have failed to take strong measures to revert or counteract the trend of financial globalisation should not be an excuse for the WDR to ignore the strong influence of financial globalisation on jobs.'

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Addressing the jobs challenge

Dr. Rizwanul Islam
8 November 2012

'We cannot aim for growth in output alone and assume that jobs will follow suit.'


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