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Cambodia's progress on NTDs - infographics

Three infographics on Cambodia explore the remarkable progress made in the fight against neglected tropical diseases, showing how Cambodia has outperformed its regional neighbours despite a range of challenges.
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Gates healthy future - Sophal miracle

Five key questions for the WHO on Neglected Tropical Diseases

Dr Dirk Engels
5 June 2014

We speak with the new director of the WHO’s Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases, Dr Dirk Engels, about the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the struggle to tackle neglected tropical diseases.

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Children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Tobym (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

New hope for health in Cambodia

Kerry Gallo
4 June 2014

Cambodia has made significant gains in tackling intestinal worms, with school curriculums promoting the role of hygiene and sanitation in the fight against parasites on a national scale. Kerry Gallo, of Children Without Worms, explores the progress being made by these preventative strategies, and outlines the lessons we can learn from Cambodia’s example.

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Mothers waiting at Maputo clinic- Talea Miller PBS Newshour

Community health workers: are they the solution?

Emanuele Capobianco
3 June 2014

'I’m highlighting all of this because I think Fatima’s life might have been saved last week if a community health worker had been within reach... Time is of the essence if more lives are to be saved.' Emanuele Capobianco, Chief of Health & Nutrition at UNICEF Mozambique, calls for the Community Health Worker programme to remain a top priority for the country.

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Medicusmunimadrid health Mozambique

Universal health coverage: thoughts from Mozambique

Laura Anselmi
2 June 2014

Mozambique has made great progresses towards better health for its population over the past two decades but challenes still exist. Laura Anselmi explores what working towards universal health coverage (UHC) mean for Mozambique.

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Reading by candlelight- Tomislav Georgiev for the World Bank (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

What will drive progress to SE4All?

Andrew Scott, ODI
2 June 2014

ODI's Andrew Scott takes a look ahead to this week's Sustainable Energy for All Forum in New York, calling for more discussion of how policies and institutions interact if we are to understand how different countries can progress towards the SE4All's objective of universal energy access. 

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Women of Takalafiya Lapai Village - World Bank photo collection (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Women and constitutional reform: is a seat at the table enough?

Georgina Waylen
29 May 2014

Georgina Waylen continues our women's empowerment blog series looking at role women play in transitions to democracy and the end of conflict, describing the formal and informal ways in which women can and do engage in negotiations and political settlements. She points out these notable successes whilst at the same time arguing that international actors have a role to play in strengthening opportunities for participation in this area.

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A farmer near Sejnane, Tunisia - World Bank photo collection (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Development at the crossroads: reflections from the Arab Region

Kishan Khoday
29 May 2014

Kishan Khoday takes a look at development finance in the Arab region in the run up to 2015. Aid from the Arab region has been expanding in recent years - combined with the social changes taking place in the region, and the fact that the region still receives significant amounts of aid as well, this makes for a complex and changing development finance landscape.


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