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Millennium Development Goals

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The elephant in the room: Will more money get more kids learning?

June 2014
Susan Nicolai
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In this blog, Susan Nicolai argues that there's an elephant in the room at the Global Partnership for Education meeting in Brussels this week: Will more money actually get 57 million children who are out of school back into the classroom? And will pledges mean a better quality education for the 250 million children who are still not learning to a minimum standard?

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Community health workers: are they the solution?

June 2014
Emanuele Capobianco
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'I’m highlighting all of this because I think Fatima’s life might have been saved last week if a community health worker had been within reach... Time is of the essence if more lives are to be saved.' Emanuele Capobianco, Chief of Health & Nutrition at UNICEF Mozambique, calls for the Community Health Worker programme to remain a top priority for the country.

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Women and conflict: why we should not separate rape in war from the everyday reality of violence

May 2014
Jelke Boesten
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This is the first blog in a new series focussing on the challenges and opportunities for advancing gender equality goals, women’s voice and agency in fragile and conflict-affected countries. Jelke Boesten outlines why we should not focus on rape in war without taking into account the fact that sexual violence permeates the everyday lives of women throughout the world.

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Urban quality of life – concepts and measurements

February 2014
Gora Mboup
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Grounding his argument in a holistic and multidimensional conception of quality of life, Gora Mboup argues in this blog that post-2015 targets on urban areas must look to measure environment and infrastructure. He discusses the implications of this approach, especially in terms of how we should measure progress on such targets.

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Measuring urban quality of life – can we do better?

January 2014
Judy Baker
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The World Bank's Judy Baker believes we can do better on urban poverty if we tackle several key problems and take on board four guiding principles as approach the post-2015 era: standardisation, investing in systematic data collection, ensuring open access and promoting information-based planning.