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Collecting water in Burkina Faso - Ollivier Girard / Center for International Forestry Research (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations launch the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the end of 2015, a global plan to spur action across the world on areas of critical importance to humanity. With 17 goals and 169 targets, the SDGs replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which end this year. The SDGs will significantly shape development efforts for the coming 15 years. But are they really achievable? And what can we do to improve our chances of success?

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Projecting progress

Explore our interactive report that pulls out the key findings from our research on where the world is on track to be in 2030 if it continues along current trends.
Commissioned Paper
Residents of Sujat Nagar slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh on October 11, 2016. Photo: © Dominic Chavez/World Bank

Localising the gender equality goal through urban planning tools in South Asia

Shrimoyee Bhattacharya, Sonali Anusree Patro, Vivek Vaidyanathan and Sujaya Rathi
22 December 2016

This research paper, commissioned as part of the series ‘Starting Strong: the first 1000 days of the SDGs’, looks at the importance of using a gendered lens in urban planning to achieve SDG 5 and its intersections with SDGs 6 and 11.

Commissioned Paper
Schoolchildren in Pakistan. © Education Programs - Hashoo Foundation

The role of youth in sustainable development – perspectives from South Asia

Anam Khan, Asif Javed, Samavia Batool, Fazal Hussain, Hamid Mahmood and Vaqar Ahmed
20 December 2016

This paper, commissioned as part of the series ‘Starting Strong: the first 1000 days of the SDGs’, identifies key actions to be taken in South Asia around SDG 8 on sustained and inclusive growth.

Commissioned Paper
Market traders in La Paz, Bolivia - Tracy Blacher (Creative Commons Licensed via Flickr)

Starting strong: Implementation of the social SDGs in Latin America

Jose Florito and Gala Díaz Langou
30 November 2016

Latin America remains one of the most unequal regions of the world with many of the most vulnerable groups being left behind. This report explores the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals on poverty, health and gender within the region.

Commissioned Paper
Agricultural worker in El Salvador – © FUSADES

Furthering women’s empowerment through labour force participation

Margarita Beneke de Sanfeliú, Dolores Polanco, Lidia Vásquez and Lissette Calderón
25 October 2016

This research paper, commissioned as part of the series ‘Starting Strong: the first 1000 days of the SDGs’, looks at the early actions needed to ensure the SDGs deliver on women's economic empowerment.