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Women from Conakry speak at a local radio station, Cote D'Ivoire - Ami Vitale/World Bank Photo (Creative Commons Licensed via Flickr)
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Voices of the poor

23 September 2016
Elizabeth Stuart

Elizabeth Stuart, head of ODI's Growth, Poverty and Inequality Programme, outlines the importance of including marginalised voices at international summits and in decision making.

Migrant domestic workers pften have very limited knowledge of their human and labour rights, living in isolation and having few support networks - Matthijs de Bruijne via
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What the ‘Uber-isation’ of domestic work means for women

14 September 2016
Abigail Hunt

Apps providing domestic cooks, cleaners and care workers are growing rapidly in countries like India, Mexico and South Africa. Research Officer Abigail Hunt explores whether this is likely to be good or bad for the women who use them.