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measuring progress

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Shanty town, Ica - Graeme Law (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Urban quality of life – concepts and measurements

Gora Mboup
6 February 2014

Grounding his argument in a holistic and multidimensional conception of quality of life, Gora Mboup argues in this blog that post-2015 targets on urban areas must look to measure environment and infrastructure. He discusses the implications of this approach, especially in terms of how we should measure progress on such targets.

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Women in Western Sahara- UN (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

A year of conversation on what works in development

Chris Little
18 December 2013

Has 2013 been a blur for you? Catch up with what the Development Progress project has been up to this year - creating conversations on how to measure, explain and finace progesss in international development - as well as a look ahead to 2014.

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Abacus - Creative Commons licensed via Flickr

Could Big Data provide alternative measures of poverty and welfare?

Emmanuel Letouzé
11 June 2013

'Could Big Data help us know more about poverty and welfare, including, or perhaps especially, in places where the dearth of traditional data is often turning poverty monitoring and forecasting into an exercise in guesstimation?...'

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Haitian child - Marco Dormino/ UN (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

Why the poorest of the poor need MPI 2.0

Sabina Alkire
29 May 2013

'I would like to make the case for a new measure post-2015 that will provide a ‘high-resolution lens’ on poverty that enables governments and development actors to gain a better understanding of the lived experience of poverty...'

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Rice farmers in Nepal - John Isaac/ United Nations (Creative Commons licensed via Flickr)

The right poverty measure for post-2015

Stephan Klasen
23 May 2013

'Given the importance of income poverty in national poverty measurement in many countries of the world, it is surely justified to have one target in a multidimensional post-2015 framework focusing on that important aspect...'

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Monitoring progress on poverty: the case for a high global poverty line

Lant Pritchett
16 May 2013

'For some purposes ‘extreme poverty’ is very useful, whereas for others, like measuring progress in middle income countries where ‘extreme poverty’ is very low or focusing on the continued gaps between rich countries and the rest, it is not useful at all...'

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There is progress, but what does it look like?

Liesbet Steer
20 June 2012
"If international dialogue could be informed by a better understanding of where and how there has been such ‘multidimensional‘ progress, we would have a better chance of useful outcomes."


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