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Development Progress - exploring what works and why

Development Progress
10 June 2013

'Too often stories of failure hide the fact that, despite these challenges, we live in an age where more progress has been made than at any other time in human history...'

Project note
Using case studies to untangle complexity and learn from progress

Using case studies to untangle complexity and learn from progress

Jakob Engel and Susan Nicolai
11 October 2012

This Project Note examines what case studies can and cannot tell us about why improvements in well-being happen. It lays out methodological considerations for the use of case studies, including how they have been used by other development policy research projects, and how this has informed case study research in Development Progress.

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IF only: a wish-list for development campaigns

Katy Harris
12 June 2013

'Most in the development community agreed there was both a moral and practical imperative to act on the findings: a quarter million marched in 2005, but engagement rates had been in decline ever since...'

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There is progress, but what does it look like?

Liesbet Steer
20 June 2012
"If international dialogue could be informed by a better understanding of where and how there has been such ‘multidimensional‘ progress, we would have a better chance of useful outcomes."
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