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Negative news about development often crowds out the positive. Yet despite serious challenges – including high levels of inequality and the rising impact of climate change – we are living in an age when more progress has been made than at any other time in history. The past two decades have delivered unprecedented progress and improvements in quality of life across the developing world.

Worldwide, the proportion of people living in extreme income poverty has almost halved, falling from 43% to 22% between 1990 and 2008. But more than incomes have improved: many countries have seen striking advances across all aspects of human wellbeing – including education, health and employment to name a few.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) provide an important motivational force and yardstick for this progress. But the job is not done. Understanding where, how and why this progress has been achieved is crucial if we are to ensure that progress is sustained and accelerated.
brings together key publications, analysis, opinion, and ongoing research on progress towards achieving the MDGs

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Lifting women out of poverty. Gates Foundation
Early morning farmer. Andy Kristian Agaba/Gates Foundation