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Purna Kumar Shrestha's picture

Time to prioritise teacher numbers and teaching quality

July 2014
Purna Kumar Shrestha
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In 2012, 58 million children of primary school age were out of school – but are those in school getting the education they need? For our national progress in education blog series, Purna Kumar Shrestha looks at the lack of quality in teaching and consequent poor results of those children who have spent years in education, and the lessons we can learn from VSO and the Department of Education's work in Papua New Guinea in improving access to qualified and motivated teachers.

Sarah White's picture

Policy and the people’s voice

February 2014
Sarah White
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Taking into account people's voices has rightfully become a cornerstone of international development over recent decades - but what forms does this take in practice? Sarah White tells us about a project designed to do just this, and the lessons learnt from its application in Zambia. 

Laura Rodriguez-Takeuchi's picture

Development’s difficult choices. What would you choose?

February 2014
Laura Rodriguez Takeuchi
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What would you choose if you were asked about what is important in making your life better? We're launching our new blog series on valuing progress with a poll which aims to see what really matters in human development for our readers. Read the introductory blog post, think carefully and then cast your vote!

Aldo Caliari's picture

Post-2015 infrastructure finance: The new debt threat?

February 2014
Aldo Caliari
Header Intro: 

The Monterrey Consensus called for mechanisms that promote fair burden-sharing and minimise moral hazard, but in this blog for our financing progress series Aldo Caliari reflects on how far we are from fulfilling this consensus and looks ahead to concerns relating to infrastructure debt post-2015

Leah Worrall's picture

Audioblog: Ask the experts – how can the international financial architecture work for development?

February 2014
Leah Worrall
Header Intro: 

Following an event at the Overseas Development Institue (ODI) to discuss how the international financial architecture can be made to work for development, ODI's Leah Worrall talked to some of the experts about what actions can help promote policy coherence in this architecture and how this can be used to improve the lives of those in the poorest and most vulnerable countries.

Gora Mboup's picture

Urban quality of life – concepts and measurements

February 2014
Gora Mboup
Header Intro: 

Grounding his argument in a holistic and multidimensional conception of quality of life, Gora Mboup argues in this blog that post-2015 targets on urban areas must look to measure environment and infrastructure. He discusses the implications of this approach, especially in terms of how we should measure progress on such targets.

Saleemul Huq and Barry Smith's picture

Can private sector finance support adaptation?

February 2014
Saleemul Huq and Barry Smith
Header Intro: 

The ideal split between public and private sources of climate finance has been left deliberately ambiguous in the major meetings on the subject. In this blog, Saleemul Huq and Barry Smith argue that the promised $100bn should all come from public funds, rather than split with the private sector, and suggest how governance arrangements could be made most effective and legitimate.

Nora Lester Murad's picture

Development finance: Can it advance local ownership?

January 2014
Nora Lester Murad
Header Intro: 

How can international development finance support localised development? Taking Palestine as an example, this blog looks at the ways in which local communities can take control of their own development, including through means such as community foundations. It also looks at the obstacles to local communities empowering themselves through development.


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