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Future landscapes of conflict and violence

April 2014
Robert Muggah
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What trends can we expect to emerge in conflict and security over the coming decades? Robert Muggah draws the conclusion that whilst we must not be complacent, there is evidence to expect continued declines in organised violence, as well as in other forms of violence such as homicide.

Working paper: security in post-conflict contexts

April 2014
Development Progress working paper
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Laying the groundwork for our forthcoming case studies on security in Liberia and Timor Leste, this working paper looks at the complex and at times messy terrain of post-conflict security and argues for a modest understanding of security to caputre limited but important examples of progress in post-conflict situations.

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The Millennium Development Goals: a framework for accelerating impact

October 2013
Shantanu Mukherjee
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How can we support countries to accelerate their progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)? In this blog, Shantanu Mukherjee of UNDP outlines the MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF) which helps a country re-evaluate what it is doing to meet a specific MDG, and then design workable solutions to obtainin maximum impact from its efforts.

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Influencing progress towards the Millennium Development Goals

September 2013
Dr. Renosi Mokate
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Clearly, we need greater commitment and a sense of urgency, particularly to address the lack of adequate progress in sub-Saharan Africa. And if we are to sustain the hard-won progress that has been made towards the MDGs, we need to strengthen the capacity of countries and the global community to prevent and resolve conflicts. Indeed, few MDGs can be achieved without peace, stability and sound governance.

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The Millennium Development Goals: one last push

September 2013
Susan Nicolai
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As we approach the United Nations General Assembly, Susan Nicolai invites development experts to share their views on what is needed to accelerate progress towards the MDGs.

Follow the debate on the new Development Progress website and read the latest contributions: Achieving the MDGs in Africa: should we accelerate? by Charles Abugre Akelyira; Why long-term finance is so important for Latin America by Andrea Ordóñez; The art of the possible: listening to the real experts by Gonzalo Pizarro; Context is all: why ignoring politics is a risky game by Hania Sholkamy and Influencing progress towards the Millennium Development Goals by Dr. Renosi Mokate.

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