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From farm to fork - combating Asia’s hidden hunger

July 2014
Bindu N. Lohani
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We need to drastically transform the entire food supply system from farm to fork in order to address food security effectively, writes Bindu N. Lohani of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). This is within our power to achieve, says Bindu, but we need to remember that we can't dream of a prosperous Asia without achieving food security.

Purna Kumar Shrestha's picture

Time to prioritise teacher numbers and teaching quality

July 2014
Purna Kumar Shrestha
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In 2012, 58 million children of primary school age were out of school – but are those in school getting the education they need? For our national progress in education blog series, Purna Kumar Shrestha looks at the lack of quality in teaching and consequent poor results of those children who have spent years in education, and the lessons we can learn from VSO and the Department of Education's work in Papua New Guinea in improving access to qualified and motivated teachers.

James Deane's picture

Of media, elections and polarisation

March 2014
James Deane
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BBC Media Action's James Deane explains why donors should place a higher priority on understanding the role of media and embedding support strategies that maximise the media’s positive role and diminish its negative impact.

How do people make their voices heard? A visual narrative

March 2014
Alina Rocha Menocal with Craig Valters and Chris Little
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The landscape of political voice is extraordinarily diverse and complex, with people everywhere grabbing opportunities to express their views in a multitude of ways to influence policy and decision-making processes. These infographics highlight some examples of voice and engagement that have particular resonance today.

Andy Wales's picture

How can business drive meaningful poverty alleviation?

March 2014
Andy Wales
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Continuing our financing progress blog series, Andy Wales of SABMiller looks at the role business can play in achieving meaningful alleviation of poverty. He describes a programme put in place to help small business develop and how it can help the owners overcome the barriers they face in escaping poverty.

Jon Lomøy's picture

Getting smart with aid

February 2014
Jon Lomøy
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Continuing our financing progress series, the OECD's Jon Lomøy looks at the characteristics of contemporary aid and suggests ways in which aid can best respond to the ever-changing landscape and best meet the needs of developing countries.


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