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Time to prioritise teacher numbers and teaching quality

July 2014
Purna Kumar Shrestha
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In 2012, 58 million children of primary school age were out of school – but are those in school getting the education they need? For our national progress in education blog series, Purna Kumar Shrestha looks at the lack of quality in teaching and consequent poor results of those children who have spent years in education, and the lessons we can learn from VSO and the Department of Education's work in Papua New Guinea in improving access to qualified and motivated teachers.

Kishan Khoday's picture

Development at the crossroads: reflections from the Arab Region

May 2014
Kishan Khoday
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Kishan Khoday takes a look at development finance in the Arab region in the run up to 2015. Aid from the Arab region has been expanding in recent years - combined with the social changes taking place in the region, and the fact that the region still receives significant amounts of aid as well, this makes for a complex and changing development finance landscape.

Clare Castillejo's picture

Political settlements that include women

May 2014
Clare Castillejo
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In the third contribution to our series focusing on the challenges and opportunities for advancing gender equality goals in fragile and conflict-affected countries, Clare Castillejo calls for stronger evidence on how international actors can promote inclusive political settlements that also include women.

Jelke Boesten's picture

Women and conflict: why we should not separate rape in war from the everyday reality of violence

May 2014
Jelke Boesten
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This is the first blog in a new series focussing on the challenges and opportunities for advancing gender equality goals, women’s voice and agency in fragile and conflict-affected countries. Jelke Boesten outlines why we should not focus on rape in war without taking into account the fact that sexual violence permeates the everyday lives of women throughout the world.

Karen Barnes Robinson's picture

Security progress for all or some? The continuing challenge of violence against women and girls

May 2014
Karen Barnes Robinson
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Drawing on forthcoming Development Progress research, Karen Barnes Robinson writes that while we are seeing ‘overall’ progress in Liberia, women and girls remain vulnerable to specific types of insecurity and violence that remain invisible and unaddressed. She draws out the issues that need action, including political will and equity, and wonders whether we can really claim progress whilst such issues remain.


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